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Artisanal Israel

Enjoy gifts from the Holy Land, lovingly made by its small local businesses and charities

The Winter Collection Drop


Don't miss out on your last chnace to grab your favorite handmade gifts from Israel!

Hand-crafted with purpose. Inspired by faith.

Through your support, every purchase goes towards supporting small local businesses and charities across Israel.

"I ordered this for my mom for Christmas. Se always wasnted to go to Israel but her health didn't allow it. She was in tears as she opened the box - like a child in a candy store. So Happy and blessed. Walked around her home to hang the manger. Thank you!"- Kemberly Bennett

Two of our artisans: Sindyanna and Oded Fester

About Us

We were founded with the mission of connecting you with the Holy Land. By bringing the history, stories, and people of the Israel ti life through stnning handcarfted art, foods, cermamics, Home decor and more.

One-of-a-kind Sea of Galilee Bees Wax Candle

This gorgeous topographically accurate Candle of the Sea where Jesus performed so many of his miracles. was lovingly handmade by the talented artist Goren Sarid

Support Israel

Our Artisans

We spend our days travelling from North to South, finding and working with the most talented artsts, farmers, small businessess and carities in Israel. Each and every product has been thoughtfully and lovingly crafted so that you can enjoy the beauty and blessing of Israel from your home.

Oded Fenster

Employing teens and youth with down-syndrome - Oded is the master sweets and treats maker.


Pressed olive oil from the Galilee - promoting coexistence between Christaians, Jews and Muslims - working side by side.


The all natural soap making queen from Nazareth.

Best Sellers

The Jesus Galilee Miracle Bowl

Inspired by the mircale of teh fish and loaves, and the colors of the Galilee - this hand made piece immediatley became a hit best seller! Bring the beauty, history and stories of the Bible and Israel to life with every hand crafted gift.